Walnut Creek Park Photoshoot

A fun dress and veil to match the fun shoot we had at Walnut Creek Park, Austin Texas. Model, Dora Russell is such a joy to work with, we laughed the whole time. Sometimes we forget that wedding dresses do not have to be white or ivory. With spring around the corner, you can't help but smile after seeing this dress on Dora. Video captured by Gabe Hodge

Photos and listing coming soon!


What's New

Can you believe we're almost in February? I've been busy in the new year, with 3 photoshoots already! 

I first contacted my friend, Aubré Salas of Gypc Girl Photography, when I knew I needed some new shots of all these dresses I've been creating, and storing away in my closet. 

Here is one that I am really proud of, and is near to my heart, because my Hungarian roots.

(Model Kimberly Mejia is having fun standing over the air vent)

Flowers ^ by The Flower Studio

My grandfather, Julius, came to America from Hungary with his brother when he was only a teenager on a boat. When he met my grandmother, Marcia, she fell in love with his heritage and embroidered the pillow you see in this picture. I used tracing paper from another one of her designs to hand embroider the dress above. 

I love hand embroidery, I find it very rewarding. I also have an embroidery machine for different looks, but some things just need to be done by hand. 

The bodice fabric is natural recycled organic cotton, (Hemp and Polyester Muslin), and the skirt is an American made silk, and American made silk lining. 

(Hair/MUA Samantha JoAnn Cronk, Location Pearl Snap Hall)


Sunday Style Icon-August 14

Another week gone by, another leading lady to admire, and inspire. 

This week's Sunday Style Icon is Sarah Jessica Parker. My favorite role of hers, as many of yours, is Sex and The City. And one of my most favorite looks is the famous tutu, and tank. This outfit works because of balance. She wears such a fun, dressy bottom, and pairs with a neutral, plain, casual tank. 

She's a style icon because of the styles she starts, the amazing designers she wears, and the effortlessly perfect way she puts it all together. 

"Maybe the best any of us can do is not to quit. Play the hand we've been given, and accessorize the outfit we got!" Carrie Bradshaw

Past Designs Inspired by this style

Risky maxi skirt, leather jacket, long necklace, and curls=Carrie approved.

Risky maxi skirt, leather jacket, long necklace, and curls=Carrie approved.



What's your favorite Carrie Bradshaw look, or quote?

"I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other. Love." Carrie Bradshaw 

Sunday Style Icon-August 7

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is this week's style icon. I fell in love with her comedy in the Office, and fell in love with her style in The Mindy Project. 

Mixing prints, peplums, crop tops, and full matching ensembles are all fashion risks that Mindy tackles and makes look easy. Her style is inspiring, and fun. She doesn't worry about what is meant for her body type, she wears what she wants, and looks great in everything. Some of my favorite looks are where she mixes feminine and edgy details for one awesome look. 

Past Designs Inspired by this Look

Fashion no-no's often become new trends that only the brave risk at first. Be a Mindy, wear what makes you smile! 

Sunday Style Icon

I'm starting a new series for my blog, Sunday Style Icon. This is the first post. I am working hard on designs, but will be sharing style icons that inspire my personal style, and brand, since I can't share any photos.

They're in no particular order, these ladies are too fabulous to compare!

Molly Ringwald

Besides being completely infatuated with her style in the 80's Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club, I love how she plays a talented seamstress, she's beautiful and tall, her unique style, and how she made me fall in love with vintage. 

Her refurbished dress in Pretty in Pink for prom. Side note: Cold shoulder trend is very big again. 

Her refurbished dress in Pretty in Pink for prom. Side note: Cold shoulder trend is very big again. 

Past designs influenced by this style

Floral Blazer, modeling myself

Floral Blazer, modeling myself

Refurbished tie skirt, modeling myself

Refurbished tie skirt, modeling myself




For the last couple months, I have been designing, and started creating my new collection.

Into the Woods will be a spring bridal line inspired by nature.

I am not able to post any behind the scenes/in the making photos of the line.

But I can tell you that I am using luxurious laces and American made silk fabrics. I was fortunate enough to order my fabrics from a local designer and wholesale fabric reseller, Benson Roberts III of Texstyles.

On that note, I will be phasing out all polyester dresses and gowns from Desireé Marie Design. Some will go up for sample sale. I have also used all my polyester fabric scraps to make a floor pillow. (Great idea for reusing fabrics scraps in a faster way than quilting) 

Update: I am now donating my fabric scraps to http://www.ourfabricstash.com/ The pillow was great in theory, but was too heavy too move around, and to difficult to clean. 

Disposing of fabrics and clothing is just one step I am taking to make my footprint smaller as an individual, and as a company.

·      Using American made fabrics, and silks particularly is a big step forward in going green

·      Sourcing fabrics that are less harmful to our world, and are being made ethically.

·      Re-using fabrics when possible

·      Finding new methods on saving fabric with pattern placement

·      Using only natural dyes

·      Shipping dresses in kraft 100% recycled boxes or acid free, chemical free white boxes for storing fabrics

·      Creating beautiful, lasting gowns that will want to be kept forever as a family keepsake

Big Fake Wedding-Published Ruffled Blog

Published on Ruffled Blog here

Through the woods, and the water we all traveled to The Lodge at Cypress Falls in Wimberly, Texas, donkeys and all.

Creatrix Photography

Creatrix Photography

The location was worth the drive, it was breathtaking. Big Fake Wedding is such a joy for me, seeing all the vendors hard work come together in one beautiful event. 

I was very inspired by our theme, Brazilian Bohemian. I incorporated Brazilian hand embroidery on the waist of the dress. 

Creatrix photography

Creatrix photography

April fit the dress perfectly with her matching colorful, sweet personality. 

Handmade gown Desiree Marie Design shop here

Hair and Makeup Celissa Rae

Jewelry Stella & Dot 

Location Cypress Falls Event Center

Photography in order-Creatrix Photography,Gypc Girl Photography, Veronica Ellerman

Video by James W Headrick Creative


So happy Chelsea contacted me before leaving Florida last year. We met and designed her dream dress. She is such a happy person, and very in love. I wanted that to reflect in her dress, and I think we did just that! 

Since her wedding was to be on the beach, lace sandals were a must! 

I also created her garter and her bridesmaids garters too. 

Fittings with Chelsea below.

The Big Day.

Silk chiffon, 50+ buttons, and endless amount of hand appliques came together beautifully as Chelsea Steinbauer floated elegantly down the aisle. She wore a light chantilly lace gown with a 6 pence sewn into the dress hem. We created a new design in which a section of the dress was able to flow in the coastal breeze for the ceremony, but was pinned and draped beautifully for an almost 2nd look at their reception. 

Congrats Chelsea and Joe Steinbauer!

Into the Woods Photoshoot with Faith Danielle Photography

Recently I was contacted by the talented Faith Deutsch with Faith Danielle Photography to collaborate on a styled photoshoot. 

I was happy she agreed with so many of my original ideas for this Into the Woods, Bridal collection. It is a Fall collection, and is inspired by nature. This is just a couple pieces from the collection, and hope to show you the rest soon.

Model: Jenna Olbekson


CUSTOM ORDER-Jennifer Wedding Dress

Jennifer has modeled for me on several occasions for the past several years, so when she contacted me only a couple months before her wedding, I couldn't say no. 

After seeing her ideas, I got very excited about creating her dress, and got started right away. I was holding onto this beautiful alencon lace for awhile now, waiting for the perfect project. 

Since she was going to have a beach wedding in March, I made the gown light weight on bottom, with chiffon, and thin cotton lining. The top was all about support with the bustier, and drama with the sleeves and low back. The embroidered lace was a little difficult to work with, but has amazing results. 

Congrats Jennifer and Caleb 

Congrats Jennifer and Caleb 


Watch this amazing video below by The McKellars-Wedding Cinema of bride, Courtney wearing a custom made lace dress with butterfly sleeves. 

With its sweetheart neckline, low back, mermaid skirt, and full lace design it has lots of classic details, but the long butterfly sleeves, and her excellent styling, make this dress unique, and bohemian. 

They are so cute, and so in love, glad I was able to be apart of this magic. 

johndavidweddings.com photographer

johndavidweddings.com photographer


I have so many behind the scenes photos of custom orders, I decided to make a combined post. Can't wait to get back photographer's photos of the following on their special days! 


Above: Butterfly sleeves Lace Wedding Dress & dyed emerald lace Bridesmaid Dress

Above: Custom Alencon Lace Wedding Dress, long sleeves and low back. 

Below: Bridal Alteration. Removed all pre-existing beading and replaced with below silver beaded lace. 

I have more of this beautiful silver beaded lace too. 

Custom Order- Tannie Ivory Polka Dot Dress

I have worked with Tannie several times before she contacted me to create this 50's inspired dress. Mostly as a model, but more recently creating her other custom pieces from my Marie Antoinette collection. 

Tannie has created a fashion blog called Miss Bella Zena, that is her character when she's all dolled up,--how cute!

Behind the scenes, draping the dress below.

Behind the Scenes-Creating the 2 Dresses for Big Fake Wedding -Austin

Last night went so great at Big Fake Wedding-Austin. We met a lot of awesome people, and Taylor looked amazing in our two dresses we created for her. 

Here are some behind the scenes photos of creating the dresses for BFW.

Very beginning steps of cutting out the laces for the dresses after creating her custom patterns. 

Lace from the reception dress on organza to create lace hand appliques

Lace from the reception dress on organza to create lace hand appliques

Pinning lace appliques to chiffon to create a trickingly effect.   

Pinning lace appliques to chiffon to create a trickingly effect. 


Last touches, adding the buttons to center back  

Last touches, adding the buttons to center back


                                                                                                                All worth it!  

                                                                                                                All worth it!


We had a few photographers last night, so we will have plenty of photos from the event soon, check back here for updates. 

New Custom Order Pictures and Big Fake Wedding

Very happy to hear our event, Big Fake Wedding-Austin is now sold out. See all of you there that have already purchased tickets for our 10/22 show. 

I've been creating two dresses for the event, one for bride, Taylor, to wear for the Ceremony, and another dress for the Reception.

All the vendors for the event were given the same inspiration, so that we create a cohesive wedding. I made sure my designs were modern, and simple. Less is more, west coast foliage were a couple phrases we were given to go by. 

I received a picture from our lovely bride Taylor, and designed around her. I wanted to keep her comfortable, and supported all day, but also giving her an unique dress to wear. 

I'll post more pictures on my instagram, follow me at instagram.com/desireemariedesign

I've also been working on some custom orders since reaching my new city of Austin this month. 

Custom Wedding Dress, Silk Chiffon Ruched.

Gatsby Inspired Wedding Dress with custom changes. 

Gatsby Inspired Wedding Dress with custom changes. 

I also just launched my storefront on https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/desiree-marie-design-austin-tx-951613 Check it out, and please leave a review if you are a past customer. 

Custom Wedding Dress-Vania

In the past couple months, I had the great pleasure working with my photographer and friend, Vania, in creating her wedding dress. 

Final fitting. 

Final fitting. 

We had a short time period, but we made it work!

With lots of sketches, and meetings, and emails later, we came up with a two piece ensemble for her backyard wedding. 

Since she is a florida bride, and was also having her wedding on the beach, we wanted the fabrics to be light and delicate. So we chose chantilly lace and silk georgette both in ivory. 

What was unique about making Vanias' dress was, she was loosing baby weight. I ended up taking in the dress at least an additional 1" every where on our last fitting. 





She styled her dress beautifully with a flower crown made by a friend, and lace sandals. 

Very happy I had the opportunity to work with her one more time before I move.