Custom Wedding Dress-Vania

In the past couple months, I had the great pleasure working with my photographer and friend, Vania, in creating her wedding dress. 

Final fitting. 

Final fitting. 

We had a short time period, but we made it work!

With lots of sketches, and meetings, and emails later, we came up with a two piece ensemble for her backyard wedding. 

Since she is a florida bride, and was also having her wedding on the beach, we wanted the fabrics to be light and delicate. So we chose chantilly lace and silk georgette both in ivory. 

What was unique about making Vanias' dress was, she was loosing baby weight. I ended up taking in the dress at least an additional 1" every where on our last fitting. 





She styled her dress beautifully with a flower crown made by a friend, and lace sandals. 

Very happy I had the opportunity to work with her one more time before I move.