Dressmaking Class 101

Over the weekend, I held a DressMaking Class for two eager ladies. With little sewing experience, and a lot of direction, we are creating custom made dresses! 

Before even bringing out our fabric, they were taught how to change the standard size 8 sloper into their bust cup size, and measurements. 

I was impressed with how they both wanted to really understand everything, and why it was, even with the grading, and pattern making. ----(which is not always the 'fun' part)


The 'fun' part! 


I made some Earl Grey tea for the hardworking gals with my great, great Grandmother's china. I love using my antique pieces, and I also have some other tea cups from her around my sewing room as decoration. Eric wants to make me a china cabinet. :O Need a bigger place for that.  


The iron is always on while sewing! Pressing is key. 


We finished! 

These two ladies had no idea how to make a dress before attending my workshop, and now they are both wearing a custom made dress they drafted, and sewed themselves! 


So proud!