50's Style not Values

This dress was solely inspired by these authentic 1950's headpieces from stylist Melania Leocadia with styledbyML and WARLORDme. 


I love the lace cutout off-the-shoulder 'sleeves' I created. They are so feminine and remind me of Cinderella's moms dress with the pink velvet bows.


There is also a hi-lo skirt with a 4" horsehair braid that is flirty and fun. It really shows off her vintage kitten heels. 

                                                                     She's a unicorn

                                                                     She's a unicorn

If it's Pink & Sparkly, I want it!

Jess & Mark Styled Shoot-0007.jpg
Jess & Mark Styled Shoot-0015.jpg

I made this dress with pink sequin fabric from our local Texstyles fabric store. Along with the USA made Silk Chiffon, Silk Charmeuse, and Silk China Lining. 

Jess & Mark Styled Shoot-0027.jpg
Jess & Mark Styled Shoot-0017.jpg

I'm so excited to share these photos. This pink number has been sitting in my closet for months, waiting for the perfect photoshoot to join, and it did just that. I didn't have the opportunity to attend the shoot, but what a tremendous job everyone did. Credit below. 👇

•Makeup: Ashley Gabrielle Spikes, Instagram @goreglitter, Website www.goreglitter.com 
•Photographer: Desiree Rose, Instagram @elkkphotography, Website www.elkkphotography.com
•Hair - Shellie Vega instagram @shell.vega, Website: www.shellvega.com
•Stylist: Melania Leocadia, Instagram @WARLORDme_ , Website www.WARLORDme.com
•Florist: Lady Kingsbury, Black Petal Floral Design, Instagram @blackpetalfloraldesign
•Models: Jess Marshall @outragejess, Mark Rector @markrec_
•Designer: Desiree Marie

What's New

Can you believe we're almost in February? I've been busy in the new year, with 3 photoshoots already! 

I first contacted my friend, Aubré Salas of Gypc Girl Photography, when I knew I needed some new shots of all these dresses I've been creating, and storing away in my closet. 

Here is one that I am really proud of, and is near to my heart, because my Hungarian roots.

(Model Kimberly Mejia is having fun standing over the air vent)

Flowers ^ by The Flower Studio

My grandfather, Julius, came to America from Hungary with his brother when he was only a teenager on a boat. When he met my grandmother, Marcia, she fell in love with his heritage and embroidered the pillow you see in this picture. I used tracing paper from another one of her designs to hand embroider the dress above. 

I love hand embroidery, I find it very rewarding. I also have an embroidery machine for different looks, but some things just need to be done by hand. 

The bodice fabric is natural recycled organic cotton, (Hemp and Polyester Muslin), and the skirt is an American made silk, and American made silk lining. 

(Hair/MUA Samantha JoAnn Cronk, Location Pearl Snap Hall)



For the last couple months, I have been designing, and started creating my new collection.

Into the Woods will be a spring bridal line inspired by nature.

I am not able to post any behind the scenes/in the making photos of the line.

But I can tell you that I am using luxurious laces and American made silk fabrics. I was fortunate enough to order my fabrics from a local designer and wholesale fabric reseller, Benson Roberts III of Texstyles.

On that note, I will be phasing out all polyester dresses and gowns from Desireé Marie Design. Some will go up for sample sale. I have also used all my polyester fabric scraps to make a floor pillow. (Great idea for reusing fabrics scraps in a faster way than quilting) 

Update: I am now donating my fabric scraps to http://www.ourfabricstash.com/ The pillow was great in theory, but was too heavy too move around, and to difficult to clean. 

Disposing of fabrics and clothing is just one step I am taking to make my footprint smaller as an individual, and as a company.

·      Using American made fabrics, and silks particularly is a big step forward in going green

·      Sourcing fabrics that are less harmful to our world, and are being made ethically.

·      Re-using fabrics when possible

·      Finding new methods on saving fabric with pattern placement

·      Using only natural dyes

·      Shipping dresses in kraft 100% recycled boxes or acid free, chemical free white boxes for storing fabrics

·      Creating beautiful, lasting gowns that will want to be kept forever as a family keepsake