I love everything fashion and sewing, so owning an embroidery machine was always a dream. I thought it would be a little less hands-on, but am thrilled to be taking wholesale embroidery orders, (email about custom wholesale orders) and monogram embroideries for brides & bridesmaids.

I work for Artista Apparel a few days a week designing and sewing, so as soon as she needed embroidered hats, she came to me. 

I order the hats wholesale from a USA vendor, so I am only able to take wholesale embroidered hat orders. (increments of 12) 


Embroidered standard style baseball caps (available in USA made and imported), and (imported only) flat bill style hats. (pictured above)

Past Custom Order Design with USA made style baseball caps

Past Custom Order Design with USA made style baseball caps


What's New

Can you believe we're almost in February? I've been busy in the new year, with 3 photoshoots already! 

I first contacted my friend, Aubré Salas of Gypc Girl Photography, when I knew I needed some new shots of all these dresses I've been creating, and storing away in my closet. 

Here is one that I am really proud of, and is near to my heart, because my Hungarian roots.

(Model Kimberly Mejia is having fun standing over the air vent)

Flowers ^ by The Flower Studio

My grandfather, Julius, came to America from Hungary with his brother when he was only a teenager on a boat. When he met my grandmother, Marcia, she fell in love with his heritage and embroidered the pillow you see in this picture. I used tracing paper from another one of her designs to hand embroider the dress above. 

I love hand embroidery, I find it very rewarding. I also have an embroidery machine for different looks, but some things just need to be done by hand. 

The bodice fabric is natural recycled organic cotton, (Hemp and Polyester Muslin), and the skirt is an American made silk, and American made silk lining. 

(Hair/MUA Samantha JoAnn Cronk, Location Pearl Snap Hall)